Heather Hoeksema, Architect & Founder of IEI is giving a talk this fall 'Part 1:1/ Instrumentalist Architecture: The Holistic Nature of Things' as part of the 'Environaura: Shaping Place and Curating Culture' talk series this fall. Call 310.367.0371 or email us at: HH@HHEAL.COM with questions.

We appreciate your pre-purchase of our first book, a compilation of this upcoming talk (Part 1:1 Instrumentalist Architecture) in support of this series on healing environments. 20% of all book profits are being donated to a number of children's organizations dedicated to children, health, and the environment.

Singular Butterfly

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size: 8" x 8"
length: 100 pages
pricing: $28



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'Singular Butterfly: Verse 3/3' book is in print. It will be available at multiple venues in the LA area, nationally, the web, yet most importantly it is available here at

Please note that all purchases of this Verse 3/3 through will result in a $3 donation toward environmental health and human health quality at children's adoption centers around the world.


(pre-purchase compilation 'Singular Revolution/ Book 1:1')


'Singular Revolution/ Book 1:1' is compilation of the first four verses of Singular Architecutre + Light Heart interlude, describing in depth the philosophy and science of healing environments. The writing is stitched together with a cultural narrative, for children.




All books available on this site, in addition to being purchased via Paypal and with credit card via Paypal guest, can also be purchased in person at HHeal Lab, 4264 Alla, and with check or money order sent to:

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